Dog cart tour 15 km

Take control of your cart and enjoy the scenery during this wonderful dog cart tour 15 km! Even before the snow arrives, you can experience the fun and excitement of dog-powered transport.

We will bring you from Alta city center to Holmen Husky Lodge and outfit you with clothing as needed to match the day’s weather. Your guide will instruct you on handling your cart, a sturdy vehicle built for two with big offroad tires, spring suspension, steering bar and even a handbrake. And of course, if you’re not comfortable with the idea of driving your own dog cart, you can be a passenger in a guide-driven cart.

Six strong dogs will pull you along the Alta River and through the nearby forest. The dog cart 15 km tour will give you plenty of time to enjoy the ride, the power of the dogs, and the beautiful arctic countryside If you are driving with a passenger who also wants to drive, you can switch places at the halfway point.

Back at the lodge, we will have a fire and something warm to drink waiting for you in our traditional lavvo tent, and your guide will join you to chat about life as a dog musher. And of course, there will be plenty of time to meet our kennel full of happy husky dogs and to take pictures.

Dogcart tour a long the Alta River

holmen husky paw prints gray    Season 15th of September to 15th of December
holmen husky paw prints gray    Days All days (If weather allows us)
holmen husky paw prints gray    If there’s snow… dogsleds instead!
holmen husky paw prints gray    Times 10.00-12.30 and 16.00-18.30
holmen husky paw prints gray    Group size 1-20 people
holmen husky paw prints gray    Price NOK 1450 per adult
holmen husky paw prints gray    NOK 725 per child under 12 years

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Wirklich eine lustige erfahrung für ein mädchen aus der stadt wie ich!
Claudia from Germany
holmen husky paw prints gray
Please be ready for enthusiasm and muddy paws when you are around us!
Makkelijker dan het eruit ziet! Mooi traject en fantastisch vriendelijke honden. Een mooie ervaring rijker!
Daniel from the Netherlands
Guides qui sait ce qu’ils font ! Adapté aux familles avec enfants.
Raphaël from France
The lodge is something unique and the staff is really friendly. The trip was worth the money . Nice ride that alternates between forest and open countryside next to the Alta river. Wish I could stay over for the night! The Tipi`s looked amazing!!
Nathan from USA

Dog cart 15 km tour - summary

Holmen husky stripe   Transport from and to Alta city center
Holmen husky stripe   Thermal suits if needed for weather
Holmen husky stripe   Proper instruction on handling the dogsled

Holmen husky stripe   15 km afternoon dog cart tour
Holmen husky stripe   Hot drinks (coffee or blackcurrant) and conversation afterwards
Holmen husky stripe  The weather must be cool enough for our dogs to run safely!