Dog sledding is especially important and popular in the Alta area, as the city is the host, starting and ending point for Finnmarksløpet, the world’s second-longest dogsled race. Come take a ride and discover the fun and excitement of traveling by dog power during the dog sledding 15 km tour.

We will collect you from Alta city center and bring you the short distance out to our farm. If needed, we will supply warm clothing to match the winter weather, and then you will be taken to meet your guides and dog team. After proper instruction for handling the sled, it’s time to head out for a ride! Usually, we place our guests in pairs on the sled, one to drive and one to ride (with a switch at the halfway point), but if you simply want to be a passenger, we can arrange for that as well.

Your ride will take you into the forest outside of Alta and along the bank of the frozen Alta River. Whether you are riding in the morning or in the dim arctic afternoon twilight, you’ll be delighted by your natural surroundings and the silent, steady pace of your sturdy and dependable dogs. If you’re lucky, you might even catch sight of a moose or other wildlife along the way!

Dog sledding 15 km tour

holmen husky paw prints gray    From 01-December to 30-April
holmen husky paw prints gray    Daily 10:00-12:30 and 16:00-18:30
holmen husky paw prints gray    Group size 1-20 people
holmen husky paw prints gray    NOK 1450 per adult
holmen husky paw prints gray    NOK 625 per child under 12 years

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Wonderful experience dogs amazing!
Lynn from Wales
holmen husky paw prints gray
Come and join us, we are ready!
Dogs at Holmen Husky Lodge
Great ride never to be forgotten dogs so friendly!
Tony from Essex England
The was the thrill of a lifetime…
Bob from California
Tusen takk for god guiding, og hundespann-opplevelse!
Bente from Norway

Dog sledding - 15 km tour summary

Holmen husky stripe   Transport from and to Alta city center
Holmen husky stripe   Thermal suits if needed for weather
Holmen husky stripe   Proper instruction on handling the dogsled

Holmen husky stripe   The tour, approx. 15 km, traveling with guides from Holmen Husky
Holmen husky stripe   Control the sled yourself, 2 persons per sled, switch point half way
Holmen husky stripe   Hot drinks (coffee or blackcurrant) and conversation afterwards