Dog sledding weekend tour

If you’re up for the challenge of a longer-than-usual sled tour, our dog sledding weekend adventure is the perfect way to dive a little deeper into the sport and lifestyle of dog sledding.

We will collect you from Alta city center on Friday afternoon and bring you the short distance out to our farm. On the first afternoon, you will take a short training run with a sled team to familiarize yourself with the gear and the dogs. You’ll be our guest for dinner, followed by an evening dip in our outdoor jacuzzi (and/or sauna if you like), and you’ll get a good night’s sleep in our special tipi bungalows that comes with a double bed, woodstove for heating, and a window up to the ceiling so you can look for the Northern lights.

On Saturday morning, your dog sledding weekend adventure will begin after breakfast. We’ll load up our dogs and gear, and then drive south of Alta to our starting point up at the edge of the Finnmarksvidda mountain plateau. From there, we’ll slide into the wilderness, marveling at the untamed Arctic scenery as your dog team pulls you steadily along. We’ll stop for lunch about halfway along the day’s 30-km trek.

We’ll visit a mountain lodge for our Saturday night stay. After we tend to the dogs, we will have our own dinner, and maybe something tasty to drink along with some time in the lodge’s hot sauna.

On Sunday morning, we’ll be up early to pet the dogs, have some breakfast, and make sure everything and everybody are ready for the return trip. Then it’s back on the trail, this time homeward bound. Another 30 km trek returns us to the starting point. We’ll pack up, travel back to Holmen Husky Lodge, and you’ll spend one last night with us before returning to Alta, full of stories and memories and pictures of your exciting adventure.

The weather CAN become extreme in this part of the world. Holmen Husky Lodge reserves the right to change the itinerary or cancel the dog sledding weekend tour if the weather conditions appear unsafe.

2018 – Availability Dates:

  • – 26.01.2018 – 29.01.2018
  • – 02.02.2018 – 05.02.2018
  • – 09.02.2018 – 12.02.2018
  • – 23.03.2018 – 26.03.2018
  • – 20.04.2018 – 23.04.2018

Dog Sledding Weekend Tour

holmen husky paw prints gray    Season January to April
holmen husky paw prints gray    Times Friday to Monday
holmen husky paw prints gray    Group size 4-12 people
holmen husky paw prints gray    Price NOK 7990 per adult
holmen husky paw prints gray    Based upon driving in pairs

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Things to bring along

  • Sun glasses
  • Sun cream
  • Thermos
  • Small backpack
  • Wool underwear (100% wool is the best)
  • Wool- or fleece sweather
  • Spare clothing
  • Headlamp
  • Camera
Fantastische weekend met fantastische mensen!
Hier kunnen we lang van genieten.
Nick from The Netherlands
En sjelden opplevelse. Man får virkelig prøvd seg som hundekjører samt at man får sett Finnmarksvidda på en annerledes måte.
Morten fra Norge
An amazing experience. Loved the scenery, adored the dogs! Wonderfull 5 days.
Sally from Australia
Amazing experience, really learnt a lot as well. Especially for someone from South Afrike used to plus degrees.
Emil from South Africa
Flott tur i nydelig rosa sollys under horisonten 🙂
Sonja fra Norway

Dog sledding - weekend adventure summary

Holmen husky stripe   Transport from and to Alta city center
Holmen husky stripe   Thermal suits if needed for weather
Holmen husky stripe   Proper instruction on handling the dogsled
Holmen husky stripe  Approx 15 km training run on the first afternoon

Holmen husky stripe   Two days of dog sled tours, each approx 30 km
Holmen husky stripe   Overnight at a mountain lodge
Holmen husky stripe   Meals while at Holmen Husky and on the tour
Holmen husky stripe   Overnight at Holmen Husky Lodge on Friday and Sunday