Holmen Husky Lodge in Alta, the City of the Northern Lights, is nestled at the end of Altafjord, far up in the north of Norway. Just outside this arctic town, you’ll find Holmen Husky Lodge.

Opened in 1996 by owner and operator Eirik Nilsen, Holmen Husky Lodge provides an array of exciting adventures for their guests, whether an adventure is a week in the open wilderness with a dog team or just a short visit in the summer to see this year’s new husky puppies.

But the dogs and lodge aren’t just a tourist operation! Eirik is a serious dog musher and knows his business. From 1982, when he got his first two dogs as a hobby, Eirik’s passion for the Alaskan Husky breed and dog racing has continued to grow.

In 1987, he moved to Alta with his 12 dogs to pursue his dream. He has entered the Finnmarksløpet dogsled race (Europe’s longest race, and second only in the world to Alaska’s Iditarod) 14 times. He won the 8-team class three times, and has several 2nd and 3rd place finishes in his record.

Now, Eirik and his team focuses on sharing his experience and passion with guests year-round. Holmen Husky Lodge has grown into a home for around 90 Alaskan Huskies of various ages, plus indoor and outdoor dining facilities and a cluster of heated “luxury lavvo” tents that provide a fun and comfortable way to spend the night.

Holmen Husky Lodge

Holmen 100, 9518 Alta, Norway

(+47) 917 64 866


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Holmen husky stripe Dogsledding hour or a day trip
Holmen husky stripe Dogsledding a weekend or a multi-day trip
Holmen husky stripe Visit our dog kennel and cuddle with the puppies

Holmen husky stripe Dog carting in the summer
Holmen husky stripe Walk in the forest or down to the river with adults and puppies
Holmen husky stripe Overnight staying in our Lavvo’s