Visit our puppies

Come visit our husky puppies at the dogyard and make some new four-legged friends!

A guide will welcome you at Holmen Husky Lodge and take you to see some of our Alaskan Huskies — both adults and puppies. You’ll go for a short walk in the nearby forest with puppies and adult dogs (and your guide, of course). On the walk, we’ll make a fire, serve cookies with coffee or lemonade, and talk about life as a dog musher and working at Holmen Husky Lodge.

When you return to the kennel, you’ll have plenty of time to get a good look around, pet the dogs and take pictures of your new friends. Remember to bring your camera!

Our dogs are friendly and love attention (and the puppies are no different, of course)! Please be ready for enthusiasm and muddy paws when you are around them!

Visit our husky puppies!

holmen husky paw prints gray    Season 01-June to 30-September
holmen husky paw prints gray    Times All days, 11:00-13:30
holmen husky paw prints gray    Group size 1-12 people
holmen husky paw prints gray    Price NOK 350 per adult / NOK 200 per child under 12 years

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So cute!
Trude from Norway
holmen husky paw prints gray
Come an visit us! We love attention!
Fabulous dogs! So sweet! Watch out, you want to take them home!
Margriet from Holland
Thanks for making it a unforgettable day!
Andy from England
A wonderful place to stay! We enjoyed the dogs, the food and the hospitality!
Larry from Portland
Wanted to take them home!
June from Romania

Visit our husky puppies - summary

Holmen husky stripe   Walk in the forest or down to the river with adults and puppies
Holmen husky stripe   Drinks, snacks and conversation around a fire along the walk
Holmen husky stripe   Time at the farm for pictures and to meet the rest of the dogs
Holmen husky stripe   Transport to and from Holmen Husky Lodge is not included in the price