northern-nightThe ride is over, the dogs are back in the kennel… do you have to go back to Alta so soon? Why not stay the night!

Enjoy a well-deserved hot shower and meal after your winter adventure. Then, join your friends – new or old – in our cozy common areas, relax with a drink of your choice, and swap stories about your recent travels and adventures. We even have a spa and jacuzzi that we can make available to you, if you want that extra touch of luxury.

When it’s time for bed, you’ll head to your tent… but this is no camping tent! Our lavvos are insulated against the winter’s cold, and come with a double bed (with comforters and heated blankets just in case), and a big fireplace at one edge of the tent so you can watch the crackling fire as you curl up in bed.

One section of the lavvo has been replaced with a floor-to-top window. On clear nights, you can watch the stars travel past overhead, and if you’re lucky you might get a glimpse of our local light show, the Northern Lights!

After a restful night, you’ll wake in time for a good breakfast before heading back to Alta and the rest of your journey.

Spa and jacuzzi access is an extra charge of 350 NOK. The Northern Night package is not included in any dogsled tour except where specifically noted, so you will need to book your overnight stay along with your tour.


1.690,- NOK
per person