northern-nightAfter you have finished your trip, you can say goodbye to your dog team,and then enjoy a hot shower and a well deserved hot meal. Afterwards we have some nice and cozy rooms where you can relax with a drink of your choice, and talk with your friends about what you have experienced.


The tents, are insulated and set up like a hotel room. They have a nice extended wooden entrance, contain a double bed with heated blankets, comforters, woollen blankets and pillows.


There is also a big fireplace in one end of the tent, so you can lie in your bed and watch the crackling fire while cuddled up under your blankets.


The nice thing about these tents is the fact that 1/3 of the tent is a window from the floor to the top, so you can watch the stars go by and hopefully get a glimpse of the northern lights.

Lavo from inside

The tents are also situated relatively close to the dog yard so you can hear the dogs sing you a lullaby.


So we can guarantee you a stressless stay with us, away from your hectic everyday life.


But if all of this is not enough, why not relax in our outside spa area, with sauna and jacuzzi. It will be made available for you for only 350,- NOK pp.


After a good nights sleep you will be having a good breakfast before it gets time to bring you back to Alta city again.


The Northern Night is NOT incl. a dog sledding trip, and it will have to be booked together with one of our different trips.



1.690,- NOK