4 Day Experience

On this four-day package, you will enter a mushers paradise as we travel across the vast arctic tundra known as Finnmarksvidda.On the first day, it is all about learning the basics and getting yourself prepared for the upcoming journeys. Upon arrival, you will get your room and the necessary clothing and equipment for the expedition over the mountain plateau. Shortly after arrival, we will take a short dog sledding trip through the surrounding landscape so that you can get to know your dog team and put your learned knowledge into effect. Everything we do today will make the next two days go as smooth as possible so that you can focus on letting yourself completely disconnect from the real world, and reconnect with your roots.

On day two we will depart on our approximately 30 km journey across Finnmarksvidda to the mountain lodge where we will spend the night. The first thing on our to-do list is to have a delicious and filling breakfast before we start setting up our dog teams. Each person will be responsible for getting their team ready for today's adventure by preparing their harness and placing them on the sled. This is when the magic happens. When both humans and huskies alike start to fill with excitement as the beginning of our adventure is within sight. Moments seem to flee quickly though time seems to lose its meaning. Before you know it, it is time to lift the anchor and let your dogs guide you into the mountains. Upon arrival at the mountain lodge, our priority is to take care of our teams. This includes feeding, cuddling, and checking up on the huskies to make sure that they will be comfortable for a night out. Thereafter we will have lunch around the bonfire, chill at the mountain lodge, and take in the feeling of accomplishment that comes from having driven your dog sled on a section of the trail that mushers race during Finnmarksløpet.

On day three we will make our way back to Holmen Husky. Another 30 km expedition awaits you and your team as we cross the arctic backcountry. Once we are down from the mountain plateau we will pack up the trailers and make our way back to Holmen, where a 2-course dinner and a warm sauna and jacuzzi will be waiting for you.

On your final night, you will likely go to bed feeling exhausted, yet accomplished, much like a true musher does after a long few days of training for the toughest races in the world. Humbled by our lifestyle and the howling of the dogs that you now consider friends, this is an experience that will impact your life’s perspective.

Available departure dates: February 5th, February 19th, March 5th, March 26th.

Price Per Adult
From 12310 NOK
Price Per Child
5/2 & 19/2 & 5/3 & 26/3
4 Days
Group Size
Up To 12
Self Ride
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Guest Stories

From Our Tripadvisor REviews

Absolutely amazing 😊

Dogsledding is by far "the activity" you should try if visiting Northern Norway, and Holmen Husky is the right provider! Enjoyed it so much, loveble huskies and very friendly and knowledgeble guides. Bravo!

- Maria

Tremendous, Fantastic and superb. Exhilarating experience!

We weren't sure what to expect but we wanted to have an inroad into the husky lifestyle and experience. We chose well. Beautifully committed and passionate guides and facilitators made this experience a highlight of our full holiday experience. You get to ride the sleigh in train formation, we did a night and morning run and enjoyed both for different reasons. Do the night one first and marvel at where you were the next time.

- Nigel