6 Day Experience

This is a multi-day excursion across the Finnmark plateau from mountain cabin, to mountain cabin. A pure and undeniable escape into nature. We will teach you our know-how and prepare you for handling your own team of huskies for our long distance journey into the vast and beautiful wilderness above the arctic circle. If we are lucky we might even witness the northern lights light up the starry sky above us.

It is time to live like a musher. On day one we will do everything in our power to get you from rookie to talented handler. You will try your hand at preparing your own team and driving your own dog sled; feeding and caring for your dogs, harnessing them and getting the sled ready for take-off, and manoeuvring the dog sled while being pulled by the engine of the dogs.

On day two, we head for the mountains and leave the comfort of our everyday lives. You will get a team of dogs and help pack the equipment and trailer. After arriving to the mountain plateau we will all prepare our teams before heading out into a world that beats at with natures drum. On this excursion, we have to constantly adapt to the wishes of mother nature and her changing 24beats. As we admire the elegance of the snow covered landscape, we set our sights to Jotka mountain lodge, the first stop of our long journey.

The next morning, we organize our team once again and make our way to the next check-point. Slowly but surely you will find yourself in an almost instinct-like routine as you harmonize your tasks with the needs of your dogs. Feeling a closer and stronger connection with your team and you conquer some of the most raw pieces of wilderness in the Arctic, together as one syncronzied unit.

Day 3 and 4 are the defining factors of your experience as a musher. You eventually tap into a different side of yourself and find a sense of inner peace as you successfully lead a team of passion driven dogs. You start to feel comfortable in the simple yet extraordinary lifestyle of a musher and find yourself moving from one mountain cabin to the next with ease.

On the fifth day it is our final long-haul across the plateau before we head back to the comfort of Holmen Husky. But the work doesn't stop upon arrival as we first must tend to our team of dogs, welcoming them to their kennel with hard earned cuddles. Our long journey will be topped off with a delicious home-cooked dinner before kicking it back and reminiscing on all that we have accomplished over the last several days. Taking it all in and fully recognizing the time and energy that goes into being a true musher. Authenticity thus becomes interchangeable with the notion and expectation of hard-work and experiences that very few are able to experience. Yet, there you sit, in a pool of warm and bubbling water, full accomplished after six days living as a musher at 69 degrees north.

Price Per Adult
From 19690 NOK
Price Per Child
10/4 & 17/4
6 Days
Group Size
Up To 12
Self Ride
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Guest Stories

From Our Tripadvisor REviews

Absolutely amazing 😊

Dogsledding is by far "the activity" you should try if visiting Northern Norway, and Holmen Husky is the right provider! Enjoyed it so much, loveble huskies and very friendly and knowledgeble guides. Bravo!

- Maria

Tremendous, Fantastic and superb. Exhilarating experience!

We weren't sure what to expect but we wanted to have an inroad into the husky lifestyle and experience. We chose well. Beautifully committed and passionate guides and facilitators made this experience a highlight of our full holiday experience. You get to ride the sleigh in train formation, we did a night and morning run and enjoyed both for different reasons. Do the night one first and marvel at where you were the next time.

- Nigel