One of the best fishing spots in Northern Norway is Alta Fjord, where you can have a true Northern Norwegian fishing expedition. The fish you can catch are cod, pollock, haddock, redfish, and Atlantic halibut. Let us know if you have any special demands, and we'll set up the appropriate gear for you.

To make the experience more intimate and laid-back, we provide fishing tours for small groups. You can ask the captain any questions and he'll be happy to assist you get the most out of the tour. If any visitors become ill, we will stop for a break on land or head back to the harbor to make sure everyone is okay.

If you would want to eat the fish during your visit to Alta, we would be pleased to help you gut, fillet, and store it in a bag.

The excursion begins in Alta's Fiskerihavna (harbor). Warm coveralls and life jackets will be provided to you at the meeting location. You will proceed to the boat with the skipper once everyone is ready.

Price Per Adult
Price Per Child
All year
3 Hours
Group Size
Up to 10
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