Essential Information

Getting To Alta By Plane:

It is possible to fly to Alta Airport from several locations within Norway. The most common being from Oslo (2-hour flights) and Tromsø (40-minute flight).

Getting To Holmen Husky:

You can reach Holmen Husky by car. See the map below or type our address into your GPS.

Holmen 100, 9516, ALTA

We offer transfer services upon request. All transfers must be pre-booked.

Price: 180 NOK per person, per way.

Getting To Alta By Bus:

Finnmark is a vast county with a sparse population. The buses that run don’t pass by as often as in a big city. Our advice is that you do some research and plan the journey ahead of time. More information can be found on

General info for common routes:

Hammerfest to Alta:

Journey time: 2,5 hours.

Frequency: 1-3 times a day.

Honningsvåg to Alta:

Journey time: 4 hours.

Frequency: 1-2 times a day.

Kirkenes to Alta:

Journey time: 11 hours.

Frequency: 3 times a week.

Tromsø to Alta:

Journey time: 6-7 hours.

Frequency: Once a day.

Getting To Alta By Car:

Whether you are driving from Tromsø in the west, or Hammerfest/ Kirkenes in the East, following E6 is the easiest way to get to Alta. If you are arriving from Finland in the South, E45 will guide you our way.

The roads are open all year round, but keep in mind that some of the mountain passes might close for brief periods due to weather conditions.