Brage Nilsen Jæger has been sacrificing time with friends, family and hobbies in order to compete in the musher race, Finnmarksløpet in Alta, Northern Norway.
Brage is a pure rookie, trying to walk in his parents path. His father won the race three times and his mother was among the first women to ever complete the race.
We follow Brage’s fight to get his team of dogs - and himself - ready to compete in Europe’s toughest dog sled race.

Director & original idea: Michael Kaack
Co-director & director of photography: Sebastian Krogh
Executive producer: Christian Søndergaard & Mathias Wiedemann Rørne
Drone and additional filming: Michael Kaack
Editor & colorist: Sebastian Krogh
Sound design: Nis Nørgaard
Graphics: Ludvig Frøkjær Thomsen

Musher: Brage Nilsen Jæger
Sister & handler: Oda Nilsen Jæger & Stefan Klemens
Friend & handler: Erlend Veli Nilsen

Produced by: The Film Agency Copenhagen