Whales travel to the herring-rich fjords of northern Norway in the winter to hunt there. This is an exceptional chance to observe whales up close while admiring the stunning fjords of northern Norway.

To increase your possibility of seeing whales, we change the trip's starting point to the location where they were most recently spotted. This could need us to travel up to an hour to reach our harbor.

As soon as we're on the boat, we'll head into the fjords to search for humpback whales and orcas. To lessen the disturbance to the whales, we will maintain a safe distance and shut off our boat engines. The whales will probably approach and swim around our boat since they are as intrigued about guests as we are.

Please be aware that, despite our best efforts, we cannot promise that we will encounter whales throughout the trip. The start and finish dates of the season can be changed to accommodate whale migration patterns.

For this activity we need at least 4 participants.

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Price Per Adult
Price Per Child
4-6 Hours
Group Size
12 per boat
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