Dog Sled Tour

2.5 Hour


A  gateway into the dog mushing mecca of Norway. The small town of Alta is home to the world’s northernmost dog sledding race - Finnmarksløpet. This race is a feat that has been around since 1981 and has steadily grown into a world-renowned lifestyle that engages thousands of people from around the world. Our family’s journey started in 1986, over three decades ago, as we began training for winter’s most beautiful adventure.

The knowledge and tradition of our family are what sets us apart. It is an addiction that runs through our bloodline, and we want to bring you into our world and show you the magic that exists in what is to us, an extraordinary life.

On this dog sledding adventure, we will take you along the very trail that Finnmarksløpet follows each year. We want to show you the world where our family has challenged themselves and lived out their passion for dog sledding here above the Arctic circle.

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Price Per Adult
From 1.590 NOK
Price Per Child
From 890 NOK
01/11 - 30/04
2.5 Hours
Group Size
Up to 16
Self Ride
2 Per Dog Sled
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