Dryland Mushing

2.5 Hour


Dog carting during the no-snow months in Alta is an entrance ticket to the feel the stop of time. It is an experience that immerses you in a culture where we live in the present, feel the now, and care for our dogs within the raw nature of Northern Norway. Like any other type of athlete, our huskies need to begin their training well before the race master yells “Ready! Set! Go!”.

As the summer landscape flourishes green during May, June, July, and August, our dogs wait for the Arctic Autumn and for temperatures to drop to 15 degrees Celsius or lower. Once this happens and the leaves of the trees turn orange and yellow, the perfect balance of beautiful scenery and training conditions awakens a new season of dryland mushing. This experience takes you along the famous salmon fishing river, Alta River, and through the winding and rugged dirt trails that our family has been training on for two generations.

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Price Per Adult
From 1.190 NOK
Price Per Child
From 690 NOK
On request
2.5 Hours
Group Size
Up to 16
Self Ride
2 Per Dog Cart
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