Arctic Adventure - Gold

A three-day experience that combines the best of what we have to offer in Alta, Norway. Split into two levels each Arctic Adventure package consists of the most sought-after adventures above the arctic circle. We advise that you consider how much free time you would like to have when contemplating which package fits best for you. The Silver adventure package is a stable balance between adventure and rest, whereas the Gold adventure package focuses more on experiences rather than downtime.

See drop-down menus and photos below for more information about the package.

Price Per Adult
From 21.480 NOK
Price Per Child
From 10.705 NOK
18/12 - 03/04
2 Nights
Group Size
Up to 8
Self Ride
2 Per Dog Sled
Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
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Guest Stories

From Our Tripadvisor REviews

Absolutely amazing 😊

Dogsledding is by far "the activity" you should try if visiting Northern Norway, and Holmen Husky is the right provider! Enjoyed it so much, loveble huskies and very friendly and knowledgeble guides. Bravo!

- Maria

Tremendous, Fantastic and superb. Exhilarating experience!

We weren't sure what to expect but we wanted to have an inroad into the husky lifestyle and experience. We chose well. Beautifully committed and passionate guides and facilitators made this experience a highlight of our full holiday experience. You get to ride the sleigh in train formation, we did a night and morning run and enjoyed both for different reasons. Do the night one first and marvel at where you were the next time.

- Nigel